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Yoga Nidra Offers Real Solutions for Real Stress

April 24, 2024
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Live Online Yoga Nidra Training with Sagel Urlacher

Yoga Nidra offers real solutions for real stress!

Over time, tensions accumulate in all aspects of ourselves, diminishing the strength of our immune response, clouding our thinking, and overwhelming our ability to connect, to feel, and to respond to the people and circumstances in our lives from our heart of hearts. Thich Nhat Hahn, one of my beloved teachers, continuously encouraged us to “release the tensions." That’s not always easy, but thankfully we have the tools of our practice to support and nurture us.

Transform Stress into Relaxation and Manifest your Heart's Desire

The practice of Yoga Nidra helps us to transform stress into relaxation, exhaustion into energy, fear into confidence, and sorrow and despair into hope. Freed from the burden of tensions allows us to arrive into each moment offering the best of who we are, warm-hearted, centered, connected, and compassionate. We can continue to be a safe, loving and harmonious sanctuary of peace and light for ourselves and all those we meet. Resting in peaceful awareness, that still inner space of the spirit, you can allow yourself to relax deeply, entirely at ease and plant the seeds of our most heart-felt intentions. You deserve time to simply receive, and by nurturing your own health and happiness, you’re nurturing the health and happiness of all those who count on you.

Join me for Live Online Yoga Nidra Training and discover the truly limitless possibilities for authentic happiness and personal transformation! Teachers and practitioners of all levels are welcome. The training is Yoga Alliance certified.

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Yoga Nidra Training
Begin your journey into limitless possibilities for deep relaxation and manifestation today!

This comprehensive 40HR live online Yoga Nidra Training program will give you the understanding and tools you need to create and facilitate profoundly fulfilling and transformative Yoga Nidra sessions for yourself and others.

Learn the Foundations of Yoga Nidra. You will learn what Yoga Nidra is, where it comes from, why it’s important, and how it works from both Yogic and Western perspectives to remove tension and stress from all layers of your being, as well as how to offer meaningful Yoga Nidra sessions.

Learn how to write your own Yoga Nidra scripts with confidence. We'll go behind the scenes of writing your own Yoga Nidra meditation scripts. You’ll receive guidance and inspiration for crafting Yoga Nidra meditations that honor the principles of the practice and incorporate your teaching intentions to offer your students a deeply impactful experience.

What participants are saying about this course…

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course! You provided a wealth of information, so much more than a traditional 35 hour training, so thank you…I love that we can continue to access this information and your amazing meditations. The training was recommended to me by a fellow teacher, so I will continue to spread the word.” MM, Vermont

To learn more or register, please visit HERE!

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