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Yin Yoga & Meditation Practice Principles to Nurture the Whole Self

May 3, 2024
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woman on an orange yoga mat in the child's pose

The three traditional tattvas of the Yin Yoga practice – mild sensation, relative stillness, and holding for time – are essential instructions in guiding us in a safe and effective practice on a physical level. The Seven Practice Principles of the Yin Yoga & Meditation practice expand that intention of safety and efficacy to cover all of who we are.

When we step onto our mat, we bring our femur and acetabulum and vertebrae and heart muscle…but we also carry our worries and our caring, our imagination, our fatigue, our wildest hopes and our gravest sorrows, and all the ways we are just trying to do our best, on good days and blurry days and everything in between.

We develop habits and holdings in all aspects of ourselves. When we arrive to our practice, we can nurture a whole-hearted welcome to our whole selves. You were born to love and be loved. Giving and receiving unconditional love is your spirit’s most fundamental substance.

On the mat, I offer these Seven Practice Principles as a guide to inform our practice approach and support an enlightening journey into all aspects of ourselves:

1. Arrive to the Mat

2. Move Mindfully to Mild Sensation

3. Relax and Remain in Relative Stillness

4. Watch and Welcome What's Happening Inside You

5. Transition like a Tortoise

6. Rest Regularly to Recover and Reconnect

7. Continue to Cultivate

Off the mat, we can use these same principles to nurture our natural ability to be open and present for each beautiful moment of our lives.

If you'd like, you can learn more about these Seven Practice Principles of Yin Yoga & Meditation in my book Yin Yoga & Meditation: A Mandala Map for Practice, Teaching, and Beyond, or join me for my 40hr Yin Yoga & Meditation Training Live Online.

woman on an orange yoga mat in the child's pose

woman on an orange yoga mat in the child's pose

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