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The Power of Your Heart

May 31, 2023
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Please don't ever doubt the power of your heart...

Did you know that each day your heart generates enough energy to drive a truck 20 miles?

This means that your heart creates enough energy in the course of your life to literally drive to the moon and back!

Have you ever caught yourself not treating yourself with compassion? I know I have. In those moments, here's something you can do to help generate more softness towards yourself.

It's a simple but effective gesture of kindness that helps you deliver a moment of authentic compassion right where you need it most. I use it and it works!

Breathe in...

I am aware I'm breathing in...

Breathe out...

I am aware I'm breathing out...

Repeat this a few times as you follow your inbreath and outbreath. Let your breath breathe itself...no need to change it in any way.

Now smile gently, tipping the corners of your mouth up a little. Even just this slight adjustment to your countenance kickstarts happy changes in your body. This slight smile relaxes the muscles of your face and forehead and coaxes the brain toward positive emotions, reduces stress hormones, and draws the release of tension all the way down into your cells.

You might notice that your smile expands, growing itself into a great big grin!

Can you feel your eyes become smiling eyes? Really let this feeling sink in, relish it.

A happy, smiling me nurtures a happy, smiling you!

Kindness offered to yourself naturally extends outward, spreading to those around you. Take time to tend your brave, beautiful, and courageous spirit in this moment; send sweet appreciation to your generous, compassionate, and wise heart.

Remember...your heart generates enough energy to drive a truck 20 miles each day. This kind of regular nurturing helps you love others - and yourself - to the moon and back! ✨🚀

Thank you for all you do to spread your kind heart energy.

What you do, who you are, and the kindness you share makes all the difference!

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