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Sensation is the Language of the Body

February 4, 2024
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Yin Yoga sensations Sagel Urlacher

The body has a beautiful way of speaking to us: sensation.

Understanding the language of the body, that is, understanding the sensations we're feeling, is an ongoing process that requires patience, curiosity, and a willingness to make a change if the body is requesting it.

Internal body scans are simple and effective tools to methodically travel our internal layers to sensitize to what the body might be telling us.

Begin by finding and naming the strongest sensations first and pausing there, taking a few moments to feel them fully.

Calling on the Yin Guardian of curiosity, we can continue journeying inward to find and feel ever more subtle sensations.

Without hurrying, we can inquire:

✨ What am I feeling?

✨ Where is it happening?

✨ What is its name?

✨ How might I respond?

✨ Do I need to change anything right now?

✨ What could I learn here?

The more attentively we listen to the body, the more we can intuitively we can respond to what it says.

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