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Jan 25-28 Yin Yoga & Meditation Training - A Whole Self Approach

November 28, 2023
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Yin Yoga & Meditation is a whole self practice. In this training, we take a whole self approach to nurturing body, mind, energy, and heart. You'll be invited on an illuminating and inspiring journey into Yin Yoga and into all layers of yourself. My 40hr program uniquely threads together the elements of a meditative Yin Yoga practice and will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to create and lead yourself or others through a beneficial and transformational practice rooted in compassionate awareness. If you’re already teaching, learn new tools that can refresh and revitalize your approach.

Learn the art and science of Yin Yoga poses. Discover variations, modifications and how to tailor, cue, and sequence the poses to meet your individualized needs.

Learn the basics of mindfulness meditation and ways you can integrate it into your Yin Yoga practice to embrace your experience on the mat with greater presence and deeper awareness.

Practice mindfulness and delve deeper into your being by paying close attention to your physical, mental, energetic, and emotional layers with compassion 💜

Apply the seven practice principles of the Yin Yoga & Meditation practice that expand on the three traditional tattvas of safety and efficacy to encompass our whole being.

Explore a variety of Yoga Nidra deep relaxation, Taoist Energy Cultivation, Mindfulness, and Breathwork meditation techniques to use on the mat or anytime to rejuvenate and reconnect with the peace and presence within you.

Investigate and experience the Taoist 5 Elements, energetic Organs, and Qi channels within yourself  💫 and experiment with methods to sense and harness the power of your subtle energetic architecture.

Evoke your inner wisdom and spark creative flow using the mandala map to integrate the elements of the practice and theme fulfilling practice sessions for yourself or others.

Enjoy a supportive small group setting to provide plenty of time and space to participate in small group activities, personal reflection, and practicums.

And experience a sampling of Yin Yoga & Meditation classes, including written sequences you can take to your home practice or teaching.

This 40hr live online training includes 32hrs of live sessions, 8hrs pre-recorded lessons and activities, and ongoing access to the online learning module as a continued support for your practice and teaching. All experience levels of practitioners and teachers are welcome to participate.

🌟 Register HERE!

Earlybird pricing of $419 USD is available through Dec 6th !

40hrs Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance available

The reading for this training is my book, Yin Yoga & Meditation, available on Amazon.

I’ve had the joy of training students in this practice for nearly a decade and would be delighted to spend this time with you! Please reach out with any questions, always happy to hear from you www.yinandmeditation.com or sagel@yinandmeditation.com

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