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Complimentary Yoga Nidra Practice - Commune in Serenity with Your Spirit Guide

May 3, 2024
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A female lying on her back on a yoga mat on a wooden floor with incense

Join me on a gentle journey to commune with your spirit guide in this complimentary and blissful 35-minute Yoga Nidra practice - Commune in Serenity with Your Spirit Guide. Connect with the deepest parts of yourself to receive a gift of insight and blessing from within. Even when the demands of the day don't invite us to rest, this is the time we often need it the most. Gather your blankets and pillows and find a cozy place to steep in the blissful rest your soul deserves 💜

This video includes an introduction to the power and potential of Yoga Nidra, with the Yoga Nidra practice itself starting at 3min 40sec.

If you'd like to dive deeper, I invite you to check out my new 40HR Live Online Yoga Nidra Training, Yoga Alliance Cert. For details, please visit HERE 🕊

You might also enjoy my newest book, The Book of Yoga Nidra Meditation Scripts: 30 Yoga Nidra Scripts for Deep Relaxation, Inner Peace, and Manifesting Your Joy. Available on Amazon worldwide.

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