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40hr Enhanced Yin Yoga & Meditation Training

June 19, 2023
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40hr Yin Yoga & Meditation training with Sagel

I’m very excited to share with you that I’m now offering my new enhanced 40hr Yin Yoga & Meditation Training, live streaming online and I’d be so happy to have you join me!

Sharing this practice is my life's service and great happiness. Yin Yoga & Meditation has been a wise teacher and reliable friend to me for so many years, nurturing all of me from the inside out. Whether times are troubling or bright, my mat is a place of peace, a sanctuary I can trust to help me come home to myself. I have such a deep appreciation for the many tools this practice holds to live with a more free and open heart, nourishing my ability to be more present for my experiences, loved ones, and the world around me.

And what a joy and inspiration it is each time a student shares with me how the practice has supported their happiness and wellbeing, too. Its gifts come in all sizes and shapes, and sometimes in unexpected ways. Students have found it helps them manage chronic pain – renews the spring in their step – offers respite and relief during stressful times – helps them sleep better by using its many relaxation techniques – keeps them energized and mentally clear during long workdays – supports them as they connect more mindfully and meaningfully in their personal relationships – helps them move tenderly through difficult times of grief and loss by connecting with compassion and gratitude. These are just a few of the positive impacts this practice has had in so many lives.

Holistic Yin Yoga Training in an Interactive Small Group Setting

Each time we come together to explore this practice and its countless possibilities, it’s an honor and blessing for me. For this new online 40hr Yin Yoga & Meditation training, I’ll be holding it in a more intimate, small group setting. This means a lot to me because it brings us space for greater connection and deeper discussion – space to see and to listen, to be seen and be heard. We can work more closely together, learn from each other, and enjoy collaborative activities of discovery and personal reflection – human beings coming together to explore the mysteries around and within us.

You can see full details & registration, HERE

Embark on an Experiential Journey...

In this online 40hr Yin Yoga & Meditation training, you’ll embark on a uniquely integrated and experiential journey into the core elements of the practice and into yourself using the adaptable and insightful mandala map as a guide. We’ll travel YINward and deepen our awareness of our physical, energetic, mental, and emotional layers as we learn how to use the Yin Yoga poses to serve the connective tissues in the body to help keep them strong, flexible, and hydrated.

Grounding ourselves in kind observation, we’ll practice holding ourselves and the whole of our experiences with friendliness. We’ll explore a variety of meditative techniques to nurture mindfulness and develop skills for the mat and beyond to support us in living a more balanced and authentically joyful life.

We’ll use the mandala map as an empowering tool for self-discovery to help you create and theme your personal practice sessions to meet your changing needs. For teachers, see how this map mirrors your heart of service, helping you share what you love with caring, intentional attention.

You’ll emerge from our time together with the foundational knowledge you need to lead yourself or others through a safe, beneficial, and transformational Yin Yoga & Meditation practice rooted in compassionate awareness.

All are welcome to join, whether you are brand new to the yoga mat, a seasoned practitioner, or a teacher looking for fresh inspiration. A 200hr yoga teacher training certificate is not required to enroll. Registered yoga teachers are eligible to receive 40 continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance.

You can see full details & registration, HERE

I hope you’ll join me to uncover and explore the many possibilities in Yin Yoga & Meditation to nurture body, mind, energy, and spirit!  

Online Yin Yoga & Meditation Training with Sagel

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