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40HR Yin Yoga & Meditation Training - Live Online

May 3, 2024
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a female in a seated forward bend yin yoga pose on a green mat on a bamboo yoga studio floor

Join me live online to take a deep dive into the practice of Yin Yoga & Meditation and into yourself. Discover everything you need to lead transformative and inspired classes for yourself and others. If you’re already teaching, learn new tools that can refresh and revitalize your approach.
✨ Learn the Yin Yoga poses, variations & modifications, incl. how to tailor, cue, & sequence poses to meet diverse needs.
✨ Deepen awareness of your physical, mental, energetic, & emotional layers of being.
✨ Apply the core practice principles for a beneficial practice.
✨ Learn how to meditate & create a meditative experience within Yin Yoga to embrace your whole self.
✨ Explore mindfulness, Yoga Nidra deep relaxation, Taoist energy cultivation, & breathwork techniques to connect with the peace & presence within.
✨ Harness your life force energy. Investigate the Taoist 5 Elements, energetic Organs, & Qi channels.
✨ Evoke your inner wisdom & spark your creative flow. Explore the mandala map as a tool to craft & theme fulfilling sessions.
✨ Enjoy small group, interactive learning environment. Participate in exploratory activities, personal reflections, & practicums.
All levels of practitioners & teachers are welcome
Reserve your spot today!
Yoga Alliance Certified, 40 CEUs avail.
I’ve had the joy of training students in this beautiful practice for nearly a decade and would be delighted to spend this time with you 💜

Listen to more about this training:

What participants love about this training...
“One of the most extensive, accessible and enjoyable trainings that I have ever taken…I have incorporated Yin Yoga regularly into my practice because of this profound presentation. Not to be missed for teachers and anyone with a body and mind.”
- Jacqui Bonwell, Director of Sacred Seeds Yoga School

"Thank you for a wonderful experience during our training last week. I admire your teaching style and strong active listening skills. I want to express my gratitude for you. Your books are an amazing gift right from your heart. You can tell you care about your teachings and the students you have.”
- A.C. New Hampshire

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