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Yin Yoga & Meditation

Bring live online 40hr Yin Yoga & Meditation training to your group. Holistic, inspiring, and engaging, this program is offered with personalized attention.

Let's Partner!

Live Online 40hr Yin Yoga & Meditation Training

I'd love to partner with you to bring Yin Yoga & Meditation training to your small group or studio community. Held live online, this holistic and experiential 40hr program is available to yoga studio owners and their students and teachers, yoga schools (as a module for integration into both 200hr and 300hr programs), yoga practitioners, healing professionals, fitness trainers and clients, non-profits, and community groups.

Yin Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training students with Sagel

Partnering to Offer Live Online Training for Your Community

Holistic & Transformative Yin Yoga Training. Participants are invited to take a deep dive into Yin Yoga & Meditation and experience an illuminating and inspiring journey into the practice and into all layers of themselves. This program uniquely threads together the elements of Yin Yoga & Meditation and provides participants with the knowledge and tools they need to create and lead themselves or others through a sustainable, beneficial, and transformational practice rooted in compassionate awareness.  

Participants will experience a variety of breath, mindfulness, and deep relaxation techniques to support their presence and wellbeing on and off the mat. With the mandala map as a guide, we uncover and explore the countless possibilities this practice holds to nurture body, mind, energy, and heart from the inside out. Participants will discover ways to spark creativity and tap into their intuitive wisdom to personalize their home practice sessions and/or theme meaningful class or wellness sessions for themselves, their students, or their clients.

Interactive Small Group Setting. Participants will experience a supportive and interactive small group learning environment, including a variety of individual reflections, small group activities, and group discussion. Enrollment is typically limited to 12 participants for a more personalized experience.

Accessible Training. This integrated and accessible training is open to yoga practitioners and teachers, wellness professionals, and anyone interested in learning about Yin Yoga and meditation. No experience is required to participate.

Program Schedule. The training is 4 days total, 8.5hrs per day. Partners may choose one 4-day block or two 2-day blocks depending on their needs.

Partnership Payment. Partners will receive a partnership payment of 30% of the program's proceeds and a complimentary registration for a student or teacher.

Participant Program Cost. $419 USD earlybird / $459 USD regular pricing

Participants Also  Receive..
An electronic supplemental training manual prior to the start of the course to assist their study
Online Platform access to 8hrs of pre-recorded lectures, classes, and guided study to support their live online learning experience.
• Optional group follow-up session to foster continued growth following program completion

Certificate of Completion & Yoga Alliance CEUs. All participants completing this program will receive a 40hr Yin Yoga & Meditation Training certificate of completion. Registered yoga teachers may submit this certificate to receive 40 contact hours of continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance.

Let’s Connect!
If you’d like to learn more, please reach out to me here or directly at sagel(at)yinandmeditation(dot)com – I look forward to connecting with you! 
Yin Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training student presenting to the class
Yin Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training students discussing the course materials
Sagel hugging a Teacher Training student as she presents their certificate

What Participants Can Expect

In this training, we will:

Required Reading: Yin Yoga & Meditation by Sagel, available at Amazon.com and other book retailers. Recommended Reading: Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh

Students enjoying the Teacher Training course
“As an athletic trainer, I was looking for a practice to increase mobility, flexibility, breath work, meditation and "juicing my joints." Then I found Sagel! Each week she took my husband and I on a journey filled with lessons, compassion, stress relief, relaxation, improving the quality of our sleep and new ranges of mobility throughout our bodies. As time went on, I brought my clients and friends into her incredible healing world. Six years later I decided to do her teacher training along with four of my clients. Sagel is a master at teaching and sharing her knowledge from around the world.”
Jill Pope Kelley
Athletic Trainer, Dynamics Fitness & Performance

Let's Share the Love of Yin!

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What Students are Saying...

“I have gone to many different kinds of trainings in both the yoga and non-yoga world, and your approach to teaching is unlike anything I have experienced. You embody what you teach. You live it and understand it completely at a cellular level. It simply flows from you as effortlessly and consistently as the breath…I feel confident in teaching a safe, well thought out Yin class and feel empowered to go with my own heart!”


“Love love love Sagel’s instruction. Very professional, very organized, very knowledgeable. I would recommend Sagel to anyone who has any interest in Yin, yoga, or meditation. Looking forward to taking her Yoga Nidra training and hopefully the Yin 2 training!”


“I would definitely recommend this or any training led by you! I took your Yin Yoga & Meditation certification and I will never forget it. You have such an amazing gentle and supportive energy. I always leave your trainings feeling very confident like I truly “own” the material.”


“Your Yin practices are a major reason why I once again have a spring in my step. I can run again. I can ski again. I can live again!! Thank you!”


“#MindBlown after taking Sagel’s Yin & Meditation Teacher Training. Deep deep knowledge on unlocking some pretty profound capabilities of the human body & mind. I can’t recommend this training enough!”


“I took Sagel's Yin training last fall & it was amazing. Sagel was welcoming & kind & very knowledgeable about Yin & meditation. She was available to answer any of our questions, she connected individually with students after class & presented the information in a clear & digestible manner. I loved this training & highly recommend it to anyone who is curious about Yin Yoga. It's a life changing practice!”


“The perfectly ethereal and powerful Sagel Urlacher delivers one of the most extensive, accessible and enjoyable trainings that I have ever taken. I have incorporated Yin Yoga regularly into my practice because of this profound presentation. Not to be missed for teachers and anyone with a body and mind."

Jacqui Bonwell

"You have such a great way of explaining things. Seriously, when I look back at all my teachers through these many years, you are by far my favorite because of your ability to explain things without being over wordy or Condescending. Thank you for your support and beautiful spirit."


"I used your training today and my patient stated it is the most she has moved and felt good. We did 3 postures and meditations from your book, as well as a reading."


"I cannot thank you enough. I value your teaching style, your soothing voice, your entertaining stories, and I have grown so much personally. I can't wait to share it with more people. I have and will continue to recommend this course."


“I only want to express my deepest gratitude to you, you put your heart into this course, and it's felt through the classes. 🙏 I always love learning new things, and almost everything was new and interesting for me. I loved it all. And I love you!”

Crete, Greece

“Sagel has created connective beauty and rhythm in the practice of Yin Yoga. Her training has been healing, beautiful, and integral. She is generous in her untethering soul and strength, Sagel is magic in teaching, knowledge, heart, and practice of patience, recovery, and sustainable strength.”

New Hampshire

“It was so lovely being in your presence again. The time we spent was hugely informative, especially after teaching Yin for several years. I have a renewed excitement around the practice. I have been using the meditations from your book with each class since the training. I also have been using the Mandala map for inspiration. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and light.”

Portland, Maine

"Sagel has written a true gem of a book I will come back to for years to come! Full of wisdom, technique, practices, and philosophy, layers unfold and will keep you coming back for further exploration. As a yoga teacher, I value Sagel’s expertise in Yin yoga, Yoga Nidra, and mindfulness…I truly love the innovative mandala mapping for the practice, and I have learned so much, as the teachings go right to the heart & soul."


“This training was a gift and blessing for students, healing, and journey within our communities…Sagel reminds us, guides us in, how to create brave, rippling attention in our sacred temple – our bodies…”

New Hampshire

“I echo all the hundreds of other thanks people have sent your way, your Yin Training was comprehensive, well thought out, poised, pertinent, useful and heartfelt.”


“Sagel did an amazing job at connecting with each of us and creating a presence. I was very excited after the training and have already started cultivating more of a practice for myself, and space for me to teach. I will happily recommend this program to anyone wanting to deepen their practice from either a student’s or teacher’s perspective (or both!!)…Sagel is such a wonderful teacher.”