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1:1 Training

Yin Yoga & Meditation

Train 1:1. Explore Yin Yoga & Meditation live online with me in this 40hr inspiring and transformative program with personalized attention.

1:1 Training

Live online 40hr Yin Yoga & Meditation Training

Dive deeply into the core elements of Yin Yoga & Meditation using the empowering and insightful mandala map as a tool to personalize your home practice or teaching. This program will take you on a uniquely integrated and engaging journey into Yin Yoga and into all layers of yourself. It will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to lead yourself or others through a safe, beneficial, and transformational Yin Yoga & Meditation practice rooted in compassionate awareness. Join me to uncover and explore the countless pathways it holds to nurture body, mind, energy, and heart from the inside out.

Yoga mat

Train 1:1 - Live Online - Just For You

Take an Experiential Journey. Join me 1:1 to take an experiential journey into the practice and into yourself. This holistic and engaging 40hr Yin Yoga & Meditation training threads together the core elements for leading safe, beneficial, and inspirational Yin Yoga & Meditation classes for yourself or others, including:

• Individual instruction in the Yin Yoga poses and their variations and how to find your personal expression of each Yin posture and to keep your practice effective and sustainable to meet your ever-changing needs
• A deep dive into the principles behind the practice and how you can serve all layers of your being when you step onto the mat
• How to call on the yin guardians and yin qualities in alignment with your intention and nurture long-term wellbeing.
• How to cultivate and strengthen the yin and yang wings of compassionate presence on the mat and throughout your day
• Experiment with Taoist energy techniques, Yoga-Nidra inspired deep relaxation methods, Mindfulness Meditation practices, and breath awareness and directed breathing techniques to support an open-hearted presence

Enjoy Personalized Attention. During this 40hr program, we work together in a supportive and interactive learning environment with opportunities to discuss, share, and participate in a variety of activities and personal reflections.

Explore the Mandala Map to Personalize Your Practice or Teaching. Discover the mandala map as a tool to intuitively explore your personal practice or teaching. You’ll encounter limitless pathways as you select and blend the elements of your practice to align with your intention and insights. Mandala mapping can spark new perspectives and access your innate wisdom and creative flow.

Cultivate Mindfulness & Joy. Joy is your blueprint and your birthright! This 40hr certification program is grounded in kind observation and encourages you to hold yourself and the whole of your experience with friendliness. You’ll practice a variety of meditative techniques to nurture mindfulness tools to use on the mat and beyond to live a balanced, empowered, and authentically joyful life.

You are Welcome. Whether you are a practitioner or teacher, and regardless of experience level, this 1:1 training program is available to you. A 200hr yoga teacher training certificate is not required to enroll.

What to Expect. This 40hr training includes 32hrs live online with me. The 1:1 live online sessions include 4 days in total, 8.5hrs per day. You can choose 4 consecutive days or spread them out in alignment with your schedule. In addition to your 1:1 sessions, the program also includes 8hrs of pre-work and reflection in our online module which can be completed at your own pace.

Let's Connect! To learn more about the program and pricing, and to share your intentions, please reach out to me here or email me directly sagel(at)yinandmeditation(dot)com.

You'll Also Receive...
• Complimentary ongoing access to Sagel’s growing Practice Online Library to support your practice and teaching
• Two hours of follow-up mentorship after you’ve completed the program

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Sagel practicing Yin Yoga & Meditation
Sagel teaching Yin Yoga & Meditation on Zoom
Sagel practicing Yin Yoga & Meditation

A 40hr completion certificate is given to all students who fully complete the training. Registered yoga teachers may submit the completion certificate to Yoga Alliance and receive 40 contact hours of continuing education credits.

Required Reading:
 Yin Yoga & Meditation: A Mandala Map for Practice, Teaching, & Beyond by Sagel, available at Amazon.com and other book retailers. Recommended Reading: Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh

Sagel with Yin Yoga & Meditation student proudly holding his certificate
Sagel is an incredible gift to this world. Her approach to teaching and guiding students weaves together ancient wisdom, modern science, great stories, grace, and humor in a way that makes the practice of yin yoga more accessible - and YINteresting! - for students and teachers alike.
Chris Byrne
Owner of METTĀ Community Yoga

1:1 Training, let's connect!

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What Students are Saying...

“I have gone to many different kinds of trainings in both the yoga and non-yoga world, and your approach to teaching is unlike anything I have experienced. You embody what you teach. You live it and understand it completely at a cellular level. It simply flows from you as effortlessly and consistently as the breath…I feel confident in teaching a safe, well thought out Yin class and feel empowered to go with my own heart!”


“Love love love Sagel’s instruction. Very professional, very organized, very knowledgeable. I would recommend Sagel to anyone who has any interest in Yin, yoga, or meditation. Looking forward to taking her Yoga Nidra training and hopefully the Yin 2 training!”


“I would definitely recommend this or any training led by you! I took your Yin Yoga & Meditation certification and I will never forget it. You have such an amazing gentle and supportive energy. I always leave your trainings feeling very confident like I truly “own” the material.”


“Your Yin practices are a major reason why I once again have a spring in my step. I can run again. I can ski again. I can live again!! Thank you!”


“#MindBlown after taking Sagel’s Yin & Meditation Teacher Training. Deep deep knowledge on unlocking some pretty profound capabilities of the human body & mind. I can’t recommend this training enough!”


“I took Sagel's Yin training last fall & it was amazing. Sagel was welcoming & kind & very knowledgeable about Yin & meditation. She was available to answer any of our questions, she connected individually with students after class & presented the information in a clear & digestible manner. I loved this training & highly recommend it to anyone who is curious about Yin Yoga. It's a life changing practice!”


“The perfectly ethereal and powerful Sagel Urlacher delivers one of the most extensive, accessible and enjoyable trainings that I have ever taken. I have incorporated Yin Yoga regularly into my practice because of this profound presentation. Not to be missed for teachers and anyone with a body and mind."

Jacqui Bonwell

"You have such a great way of explaining things. Seriously, when I look back at all my teachers through these many years, you are by far my favorite because of your ability to explain things without being over wordy or Condescending. Thank you for your support and beautiful spirit."


"I used your training today and my patient stated it is the most she has moved and felt good. We did 3 postures and meditations from your book, as well as a reading."


"I cannot thank you enough. I value your teaching style, your soothing voice, your entertaining stories, and I have grown so much personally. I can't wait to share it with more people. I have and will continue to recommend this course."