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Yoga Nidra - The Art and Science of Deep Relaxation and Manifestation

August 25, 2023
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Online Yoga Nidra Training with Sagel yoga alliance certified learn yoga nidra

This present time is ours to live, full of possibility for health, deeper connection, and authentic happiness. Each of us is capable of manifesting every good thing that we can imagine for ourselves, those we love, and this good earth that makes our lives possible. Each of us is sacred space. Pure, clean, the stuff of possibility and this present time is all ours to manifest our unique magic. Yoga Nidra offers real opportunities to come home to our heart of hearts and manifest the life we want and deserve to live.

Tensions can accumulate not just in the physical body, but in the mind and heart as well and separate us from our true self. Stress takes its toll in all aspects of who we are, but we can learn to relax deeply on all layers of our being and lay down the burden of these tensions. Opening to the beauty and power that we are at our center, we can reconnect with our true self and design each day to align with our heart’s deepest intentions. This is the premise and promise of Yoga Nidra.

Join me for this 35hr Online Yoga Nidra Training embark on an exploration of this life-changing practice. Self-paced and online, this practical and comprehensive program is open to teachers, practitioners, wellness professionals, or anyone wanting to learn more about Yoga Nidra.

This training will provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need to facilitate compassionate, inspired, and transformative practices for yourself and others. All experience levels are welcome to participate. You can enroll anytime and progress at your own pace. 35hrs contact CEUs available with Yoga Alliance upon program completion. For program and registration details, please visit HERE.

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