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Yoga Nidra Meditation and The Five Koshas

June 14, 2024
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a list of the five koshas of yoga nidra and a picture of a person sitting in meditation with five layers of color to represent each of the koshas

It is the sleep that awakens the soul. Yoga Nidra is a systematic journey through consciousness to travel through your inner layers, or koshas, to release all tensions and bring complete restoration.

Yoga Nidra is more than just relaxation for the body - in addition to physical release, it relieves energetic tensions and tensions all through the human psyche.

With all tension and stress released from each kosha, we can rest quietly in the natural wisdom of our heart of hearts, our truest self. We experience In this space complete calm, clarity, and bliss.

What needs to heal, heals...what needs to release, leaves...and you are free to plant the seed of your Sankalpa, your intention, in the fertile soil of your subconscious mind so that it may grow and manifest in your life.

Whoever you are, whatever you carry, Yoga Nidra welcomes you. This practice will meet you where you are and you will awaken refreshed and reconnected with the song of your soul.

a list of the five koshas of yoga nidra and five nested meditation figures

The Anna Maya Kosha

In Yoga Nidra, we go on a gentle journey ever inward. We begin by relaxing our physical body, the Anna Maya Kosha. This kosha is made up of our tangible tissues such as our muscles, bones, and flesh.

This kick-starts a calming process for our central nervous system. By quieting the stress response, we can draw our attention deeper inward to explore the more subtle aspects of our being.

a picture of a person seated in meditation and a list of 5 reasons to practice Yoga Nidra

The Prana Maya Kosha

As we go deeper into the next layer of ourselves, we encounter the more subtle Prana Maya Kosha.

This is the kosha of energy regulation, overseeing the flow of energy, or prana, through the whole of our internal energetic architecture, and even powering the auras ...governing the energy both within and around us.

It ensures harmonious flow of energy, or prana, through the nadis, that network of channels that carry prana through the body, and the chakras, the intense wheels of energy that power the subtle energy body.

Prana is often translated as "breath" or "life-force energy," highlighting that breath is LIFE. In addition to the food we eat, we obtain prana from our in-breath, the vehicle through which the energy of the universe transmits itself to us.

Prana rides the winds of our breath. By breathing mindfully and consciously directing the breath, we can improve the circulation of energy within us and help to release internal energetic blockages to free up this kosha.

In addition to directed breathing practices, there are many different Yoga Nidra techniques we can integrate into our practice to deliver energetic relaxation, such as visualization and body scanning.

Relaxation promotes energetic flow and harmony.

Because our koshas are interactive and interdependent, when we support our energetic health, we also support the wellbeing of the Anna Maya Kosha, the physical body, and vice-versa.

The systematic and progressive inward relaxation of five kosha Yoga Nidra ensures that all layers of our being are taken care of.

a picture of a figure seated in meditation within a lotus flower and list of three techniques for energy flow

The Mano Maya Kosha

Meditation is flowering of truthfulness." Prabhakar Srinivasapuram Krishnacharya

Inhabiting Witness Consciousness.

Like walking peacefully along the pathway to the center of a beautiful labyrinth, the meditative journey of Yoga Nidra calls us ever deeper into ourselves. Next, we encounter the Mano Maya Kosha. This is the even more subtle mental-emotional sheath. This layer represents the dimension of our mind where our thoughts and emotions reside. After relaxing the physical body and the energy body, we are better prepared to move into this deeper aspect of our being.

The techniques used during this stage of Yoga Nidra induce a meditative state in the brain, and alpha brain waves predominate. This enables us to be a silent witness to our thoughts and feelings without judgments or attachments.

a picture of a brain and alpha brain waves

The Vijnana Maya Kosha

We dive even deeper into the ethereal realms within us when we engage with the Vijnana Maya Kosha.

Here, we connect with our inner wisdom and innate sense of knowing. By bringing relaxation to this aspect of ourselves, we’re empowered to release deep obstacles and barriers that have been held within us, receive intuitive insights, and identify solutions to complex and persistent problems.

Seeing with the eyes of our spirit, our vision of ourselves and the world around us is clarified and pure.

An image of a figure seated in meditation within a large yellow lotus flower

The Ananda Maya Kosha & Dwelling with Atman

The illusion of separation dissipates as we journey into the most subtle kosha of them all, the transcendental Ananda Maya Kosha, our bliss body. The Ananda Maya Kosha serves as the gateway to Atman, our Truest Self.

With our body, mind, and spirit free, we abide in boundless, all-knowing, and all-loving awareness.

In this state, the illusion of separation between ourselves and all that is dissolves and we rest in the bliss of ultimate union with the whole of the universe. In this profoundly peaceful, joyous, and serene state, we can plant the seeds of our most heartfelt intentions in the fertile soil of the mind where they are sure to take root and manifest.

a figure seated in meditation inside a large golden lotus surrounded by a large gold circle

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