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Yin Yoga Sequence for Winter - Water Element

May 31, 2024
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seasonal yin yoga sequence water element kidney-urinary bladder

A winter Solstice Yin Yoga Mini flow for you. Stimulate the Kidney-Urinary Bladder Yin-Yang Organs to support the Water Element within you with this Yin Yoga flow.

Water, the element of Winter, teaches us to listen within and connect with our natural wisdom. As you turn inward, trace your breath and kind attention through areas of stimulation to create a harmonious flow of energy throughout your being. You might try making the Taoist Healing sound of the Kidneys while holding the poses to help transform any anxious energy into tranquility.

Emerge from this Yin Yoga mini practice, feeling renewed and centered in your personal power.

pictures of four yin yoga poses for winter yin yoga
pictures of four yin yoga poses for yin yoga winter flow
description of the Taoist healing sound for the kidneys
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