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Wall Dragonfly Yin Yoga Mini for Spring Harmony

April 11, 2024
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Wall Dragonfly Pose Wall Yin Yoga sequence

Nurture your hips and legs while you replenish your Liver-Gall Bladder Qi for Spring harmony.

Wall Dragonfly- Yin Yoga


WALL DRAGONFLY can offer a gentler and more supportive variation of seated Dragonfly, improving hip and leg flexibility while aiding lymph fluid circulation using gravity to refresh fatigued legs and feet. Hold for ~3 minutes.

Wall Caterpillar- Yin Yoga

Rest in Wall Caterpillar ~1min to feel the benefits.

One-Legged Wall Dragonfly- Yin Yoga

One-Legged Dragonfly with a Side Bend can enhance your flow, providing a break for one leg while opening the sides of your rib cage where these tiny Qi channels also flow. Hold for ~1-3min. on each side.

Practitioner’s Tip: Try using a block or bolster under your outer legs to support the weight of your legs and encourage complete muscle relaxation.

One-Legged Wall Dragonfly with Sidebend- Yin Yoga

Rest for ~1min. between sides to feel the benefits of your rejuvenated Liver-Gall Bladder Qi.

Practitioner’s Tip: As you practice mindful and deep breathing, visualize each exhale delicately sweeping through areas of sensation, aiding in releasing any physical and energetic tensions.

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