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Untangle & Rebuild Your Fascial Network on the Yin Yoga Mat

May 21, 2024
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Yin Yoga myofascial release

Untangle & Rebuild...Get Organized!

The connective tissues of our bodies form an amazing network through which information and instructions flow. We're like a living and breathing city, and just as city streets can become damaged and blocked in natural disasters with critical emergency services unable to pass, our body's network can become tangled and impassible due to the inevitable physical, mental, and emotional upsets we all experience. This can manifest as ill-health or injury in the body.

The stimulation of our Yin Yoga poses helps to nourish, organize, untangle, rehydrate, and rebuild our physical and energetic pathways, ensuring food, water, and Qi are distributed to areas in need. Our more yang-centered lifestyles can generate a lop-sided life (internally and externally!). The slow inward-turning nature of a meditative Yin Yoga practice is a beautiful and effective way to help bring our body, mind, and spirit back into a healthy balance. We can't be whole without health, and we can't be healthy if we're only tending half of who we are.

If you're interested in learning more, I invite you to join me for my Live Online 40HR Yin Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training. In this comprehensive training, we take a deep dive into the physiology of Yin Yoga and how Yin works to help keep our connective tissues healthy and strong. If you’d like to learn more, please visit HERE. You might also check out my book Yin Yoga & Meditation, available worldwide on Amazon.

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