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The Breath, A Tool of Transformation and Information

May 17, 2023
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The breath is an effective tool you can use whenever you might need to come home to your body in this present moment and connect with the source of steadiness and strength that’s always in you. Even when the days are tumultuous or you’re feeling exhausted, the breath will always, always welcome you home.

From the Yoga Vasistha:

Grow steady in your breath, and you will quickly discover peace of mind.

As we know, there’s a beautiful symbiotic relationship between our breath, body, and mind. How we feel, what we think, and life’s circumstances all change, but one thing stays true: the breath is an invaluable tool each of us can rely on to calm and heal the body, settle and soothe the mind, and reconnect our awareness with the peace that lives within us. We can use the energy of the breath to release physical and mental tensions and more readily access our natural wisdom, no matter the circumstance.

Befriending the Breath

Befriending the breath is a happiness skill! This skill is one of the greatest gifts of a dedicated yoga and meditation practice. Our constant companion (we can’t live without it!), our breath is both a source of insight and an instrument we can use to feel better and stay more fully connected to the life we’re living and everyone around us.

During an average lifetime, each of us shares our breath with the universe half a billion times. What an extraordinary collection of opportunities our breath gives us every single day to connect with ourselves and to one another. As we breathe with awareness, we’re reminded all things live in an inseparable, harmonious union, connected by the exchange of each breath – the world breathes us, and we breathe the world.

If you’d like to learn more about the power of the breath and some simple yet effective breathing techniques you can use anywhere, I hope you’ll join me in my Practice Online library and try out my YINterventions. These brief sessions offer breath tools you can put to use in just a few minutes anytime you might need a refresh.

Befriending the Breath
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