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Supporting a Meditative Experience in Yin Yoga

May 17, 2023
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How to meditate in Yin Yoga

…How can I support a more meditative experience in a Yin Yoga session?

There are many ways we can encourage a meditative experience in Yin Yoga – one is incorporating guided meditative techniques into your time on the mat. Some things to consider when evaluating techniques: What are some potential benefits? How long does it take and how could that timeframe best fit into your session? (ex does it work well as we first arrive to the practice, in a pose or counterpose, or threaded through the whole practice?) Are there any specific considerations, like do the hands need to be free because it incorporates a mudra? Do you want to incorporate one with visualization or healing sounds? Does it offer an opportunity to spotlight a specific Yin quality or Yin guardian you’d like to nurture?

These are just a few questions to ponder…ultimately it’s about your intention and the experience you want to cultivate. One thing is true of all of the techniques, to receive the gifts of these meditative exercises, we need to experience them first-hand, so I hope you feel inspired to integrate them into your personal Yin Yoga sessions and incorporate them into your classes if you teach.

In my book, I've included more than 40 ready-to-use guided meditative techniques rooted in Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Taoist energy, and Breathwork practices. For each, I provide an overview along with associated scientific benefits, suggested timeframes and opportunities for use, and guiding instructional scripts you can use as-is or modify as you’d like.

YIn Yoga & Meditation: A Mandala Map for Practice, Teaching, & Beyond
Ready-to-Use Meditative Techniques included in Yin Yoga & Meditation:  A Mandala Map for Practice, Teaching, and Beyond

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Yin Yoga & Meditation: A Mandala Map for Practice, Teaching, and Beyond you can find it here!

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