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New Yoga Nidra Scripts Book Release!

October 31, 2023
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Yoga Nidra Scripts book Sagel Urlacher
I have some exciting news to share with you. I’m releasing my new Yoga Nidra Book on Nov 1! ✨

The precious practice of Yoga Nidra is so needed in the world today. It’s been a long-held and heartfelt wish of mine to be able to share its profound possibilities for healing, deep relaxation, peace, and joy with as many people as possible. I feel so happy and grateful to be able to offer this new resource to you in this way.

The Book of Yoga Nidra Meditation Scripts: 30 Yoga Nidra Scripts for Deep Relaxation, Inner Peace, & Manifesting Your Joy is an invaluable resource for yoga teachers, practitioners, healing & wellness professionals, and anyone wanting to facilitate Yoga Nidra sessions for themselves or others. This book is available in both paperback and Kindle

This soulful book and contains a wide variety of 30 inspiring and captivating Yoga Nidra scripts rich with visualization and beautiful imagery for all experience levels. Complementary inspirations, such as mudras, mantras, Restorative yoga poses, and creative activities, accompany each script to easily enhance your Yoga Nidra sessions. This compelling collection of scripts invites you on a meditative journey into yourself to nurture inner peace and deep relaxation in all layers of being and empower you to manifest your joy.

In this book you’ll find everything you need to guide beneficial and profoundly meaningful Yoga Nidra practices for yourself or others:

• 30 Yoga Nidra meditation scripts filled with beautiful visualizations and inspiring imagery for practitioners and facilitators of all experience levels

• A wide array of practice session themes, lengths, and scientifically proven techniques

• Easy-to-follow script format for effortless delivery and the flexibility to adapt the scripts to meet your needs

• An introduction to Yoga Nidra and the use of Sankalpa, our heartfelt intention, for manifestation and joy

• Yoga Nidra benefits

• Yoga Nidra posture and prop options for maximum comfort

• How to prepare for the meditative journey of Yoga Nidra

• How to facilitate Yoga Nidra sessions for yourself or others

• Journal prompts for self-inquiry and post-practice reflections

• Complementary mudras, mantras, yoga poses, and creative activities to expand your Yoga Nidra sessions

• 9 Restorative yoga poses with illustrations and step-by-step instructions to support a deeper meditative experience

Heartful, easy to use, and accessible, these scripts will take you on an inner journey for:

Self-Love ~ Embodying Joy ~ Deep Relaxation & Rest ~ Unlocking Intuition ~ Affirming Your Heart’s Intention ~ Gratitude ~ Forgiveness ~ Healing ~ Restoring Mental Clarity ~ Manifestation ~ Cleansing Chakra Energy ~ Rejuvenation ~ Sleeping Well ~ Inner Peace ~ Harmonizing with the Seasons ~ and more…

Available on Amazon in paperback and kindle on Nov 1!

The Book of Yoga Nidra Meditation Scripts by Sagel Urlacher
The Book of Yoga Nidra Meditation Scripts: 30 Yoga Nidra Scripts for Deep Relaxation, Inner Peace, & Manifesting Your Joy

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