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My New Book is Now Available!

June 19, 2023
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I couldn't be more excited to share with you that my new book, Yin Yoga & Meditation: A Mandala Map for Practice, Teaching, and Beyond is now available through Amazon and other fine book retailers!

New Yin Yoga & Meditation Book Just For You

Whether you are brand new to the yoga mat or are a seasoned practitioner or teacher looking for fresh inspiration, Yin Yoga & Meditation invites you to embark on an experiential journey of this transformative practice and into yourself with the Mandala Map as your guide.

Rooted in the Taoist, Buddhist, and Yoga Nidra wisdom traditions, this book uniquely threads together the core elements of a safe, effective, and empowering Yin Yoga & Meditation practice including: philosophical backgrounds, central practice principles, Yin Yoga poses and their related Yinpressions, jewels of encouragement, the yin and yang wings of natural presence, guided meditations and energy practices, and associated scientific benefits.

My comprehensive 300+ page book will equip you with in-depth and easy-to-follow Yin Yoga pose instruction and sample sequences, compelling inquiry, and an expansive collection of ready-to-use meditative techniques to enjoy on and off the mat.

"Often I am asked by students where they can go to learn more about Yin Yoga and extend their studies. Well, now I have the answer!  This book! This is it." - Bernie Clark, Author of The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga
I Wrote This Book for You...

If you’re just getting started with a Yin Yoga & Meditation practice, its compassionate guidance and accessible approach will assist you in establishing and sustaining a safe, fulfilling practice. If you’re a teacher, the Mandala Map is meant to mirror your heart of service, supporting you to continue sharing what you love with caring, intentional attention.

New Book Yin Yoga & Meditation A Mandala Map for Practice, Teaching, and Beyond

More Praise for the Book...

"For practitioners and teachers, this book is a wonderful and thorough resource that I highly commend." - Norman Blair, Author of Brightening Our Inner Skies: Yin and Yoga

"Sagel Urlacher is a true gift to the world of YOGA. Her offerings - written or taught - have been medicine for so many people. Her ability to fuse where East meets West with humor, compassion, and wisdom is unprecedented." - Jacqui Bonwell, Owner of Sacred Seeds Yoga School

"To have her teachings distilled into this book is truly a gift to the yoga community....No matter your experience with Yin Yoga, you'll learn something new about yourself through this book!" - Molly Donlan, Reiki Master Teacher

This book is written from my heart straight to yours - I hope you'll order your copy today. Anytime you have questions or would like to share how it might be serving you, please feel free to reach out to me anytime, I always love hearing from you.

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