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More Than 75 Yin Poses, Variations, and Substitutions

May 17, 2023
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As the long golden days of summer fall into the energy of autumn, we might find ourselves spending more time on the yoga mat. In my book Yin Yoga & Meditation, I offer in-depth and easy-to-follow instruction that anyone can use to explore more than 75 Yin poses, variations, and substitutions, whether a seasoned practitioner or someone newer to the practice.

I hope my voice in these pages empowers you to find and follow the wise and beautiful voice that speaks softly within YOU. I’ve taken great care to include all kinds of modifications and some alternate poses too, in case a specific shape isn’t working for you that day. For each, I spotlight the physical areas of focus, Qi channels you’re exercising, and step-by-step cueing to ease you into a shape that works best for your body based on the sensations you’re feeling and what you’re hoping for in your practice.

Every Body is Unique

I’ve also highlighted some YINpressions you might want to explore while you stay. Every body is unique, and we’re all bit different each time we come to the mat, so it’s important to me to support the internal attention that serves your intention and help you feel your way into each pose. There’s no perfect pose or position to strive for - the shape that’s right is the shape that feels right! If it would support your practice or teaching, you can order your copy here on Amazon. If you already have it and feel inspired to post a rating or review, I'd be grateful https://www.amazon.com/Yin-Yoga-Meditation-Practice-Teaching/dp/B0B3S6W9V3/  💜☯

New Book Yin Yoga & Meditation A Mandala Map for Practice, Teaching, & Beyond
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