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Gratitude On-the-Go Meditation

July 26, 2023
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Gratitude walking meditation

One true gift our practice offers us is the opportunity to slow down and notice the real miracles that are around and within us, miracles we might otherwise rush past.

I wanted to offer you this little Gratitude on-the-Go Meditation you can pick up and take with you no matter where you are. Thich Nhat Hanh often said that in every moment, we already have enough conditions to be happy if only we are willing to connect with them. This short walking meditation can be done anywhere you'd like in just a few minutes to help you connect with the beautiful energy of gratitude that lives within. I'd encourage you to give it a try outdoors somewhere you can safely and comfortably walk the distance of your choosing.

Start by standing in one spot.

Take a few moments to feel your feet planted firmly on the earth.

Find what it means for you to be comfortable in this moment.

Perhaps you place both hands lightly over the heartspace.

Enjoy a few deep and easeful breaths…into and from deep within the heart.

We can sometimes take for granted that the next breath just follows the last.

In the this moment, let yourself take in the goodness of each breath.

As you breathe…stay aware of this miracle, your breath.

Allow yourself to open to any feelings of contentment that might happen from being right here, right now.

Perhaps letting a gentle smile arise would feel nice.

Begin to walk slowly with ease and effortlessness.

Allow your body to be relaxed and open, your breath natural, your heart easy.

There’s no need to try to get to a particular place. Just enjoy walking and become aware of each step as you take it.

Notice when your foot lifts and feel your foot touch the earth with each step. Foot lifting…foot touching the earth…

Enjoying the simplicity of this moment here, breathing your breath and walking.  

All a miracle: a simple breath in, a simple breath out…one simple step forward, and then the next.  

Nowhere to get to, nothing to do, simply to walk and to be aware you are walking, enjoying each step.

Practice staying aware of each step...

As you walk, you might invite the energy of gratitude to rise within you.

Try saying to yourself: “This step is a miracle…I am grateful for this moment.”

Don’t worry if thoughts come. Gently let them go and come back to the sensations of your feet touching the earth. Every step is a gift this moment is giving you.

Simple breath in, simple breath out.  A miracle itself.  

Pause a few moments to savor and simply absorb the nature around you through all your senses.

Truly open your awareness to your surroundings…sights, sounds, scents…

Notice: What is there in this moment to discover?

What do your eyes see?

What sounds do you hear?

How does the air feel on your skin?

What miracles are joining you in this present moment?

When it’s time to end your meditation, stand in one spot once again for a few moments.

Enjoy a few deep and easeful breaths as you stand comfortably.

Offer thanks to this precious earth that nourishes and supports you, provides you with life, with the air you breathe, the energy you use to live, love, and dream.

You might reflect: What else is a miracle in my life?  

Is there a love letter you could write in your heart right now, maybe just 3 or 4 words?

What would you write?  Who would you write it to?  How does it feel in your heart?

Reflect on the things you enjoy and appreciate about your body, your life, your practice, and remember how surely the gifts of our practice will follow us wherever we go.

gratitude walking meditation
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