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For the Love of Yin

May 17, 2023
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Yin Yoga book for teachers and practitioners
For the Love of Yin

If you or someone you love loves yoga or would enjoy exploring accessible poses, mindfulness, breath, and relaxation practices, I hope you'll consider checking out my new book! I wrote Yin Yoga & Meditation: A Mandala Map for Practice, Teaching, and Beyond to be useful for everyone and any body, from absolute beginners to seasoned practitioners and teachers with a practical, applied approach to the intersection of where the heart meets the head. Whether interested in the Yin Yoga poses to release tensions and strengthen the body, Taoist energy techniques to cultivate harmonious energy flow, mindfulness meditations to support presence and peace, relaxation practices you can use anywhere, anytime to bring rest to the weary, class planning supports for teachers...or all of the above and everything in between...this book is FULL of the goodness these practices have offered for thousands of years. No matter what 2022 was like for you or what 2023 may have in store, a full breath in and a long, slow breath out is guaranteed to refresh the body, brighten the mind, and soften the heart, helping us meet the delight available in each moment.

Some reader feedback on my book:

**This Map, this work of love is written with such insight into the practice of living consciously....

I love everything about this book. It has become my Yin Bible. Anyone learning this practice can understand the way of Yin through Sagel's comprehensive way of teaching ! Her knowledge on the practice of Mindfulness allows all students and teachers at all levels to grow in their own practice. As a Yin Teacher I recommend this book to all who seek to go YIN!!!

**I fell YINstantly in love!!!...

In our wacky world I find myself increasingly drawn to a yin practice but never feel really confident. I like to practice at home so find myself spending more time googling yin videos than actually doing any yoga. Until this book. I now use it as a resource to sequence the exact class I need in that moment. I’ve been stalking Sagel from afar for a while but after sitting with this book for a bit I’m sold… She’s my YINspiration. Actually just signed up for a training with her… the book is THAT GOOD.

More than 75 Yin Poses, Variations, & Substitutions
New Book Yin Yoga & Meditation A Mandala Map for Practice, Teaching, and Beyond
40+ Guided Meditations to Cultivate Presence & Wellbeing
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