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Dive YIN

May 17, 2023
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Stillness and Yin Yoga

Our yoga practice is a personal practice. Even when we're practicing as part of a caring yoga studio community, a workplace class, or any other collection of spirits moving through a practice together, our experience is intensely personal.

There on the mat, it's your body...your powerful, precious body that makes each movement possible. It's your life-giving breath flowing in and out, in and out, making each moment possible.

It's your mind, full of ideas and information, patterns, and potentials as each thought flows through. It's your heart...your emotional skies, be they stormy or sunny, holding the broad spectrum of possible human emotion in each single second. And surrounding you is the electromagnetic field you produce and radiate, your energetic contribution to this sea of Qi in which we all live.

The Quiet Stillness of Yin Yoga & Meditation

The quiet stillness of the Yin Yoga mat invites you inward to travel pathways into the deepest parts of yourself illuminating the landscape of you. Your compassionate attention shines its light leading you into a beautiful forest full of possibility within. Before you unfolds a journey of self-discovery and service requesting you to slow down, observe, and receive what you most need.

In Yin, we have permission to explore and individualize our expression of each pose, honoring and responding to our bodies' moment-to-moment requests. We're encouraged to be conscious gardeners, learning to water helpful thought seeds and pull the weeds as we grow a beautiful garden in the mind.

Online Yin Yoga & Meditation Training

In the supportive container of the practice, we can watch and welcome emotions as they arise like waves on an ocean, experiencing them as energy in motion so we can stay steady and present for each precious moment of life. As the always-shifting field of sensations play themselves within us, we train our ability to sense and harness energetic flow to rebalance and strengthen our vital life force.

As we nurture our whole-self wellbeing, we in turn nurture everyone around us and the beneficial and uplifting ripples of our practice spread ever-outward.

Are you interested in learning more about Yin Yoga and the meditative experience it can offer you on the mat? I invite you to join me for Yin Yoga & Meditation Training live online.  You can learn more here: https://www.yinandmeditation.com/yin-yoga-training/upcoming-trainings. Enjoy $35 off with coupon code DIVEYIN35

All are welcome, my trainings are open to practitioners and teachers of any experience level. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. It would be my joy and honor to be your guide.

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