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Conscious Gardening in the Mind

May 17, 2023
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conscious gardening in meditation

A wandering mind doesn’t have to be a struggle. Thoughts are things that rise and fall, arrive and depart, impermanent visitors in our interior landscape. Thich Nhat Hanh encouraged us to imagine thoughts as seeds in the soil of our mind. In our hand, we hold the watering can- we get to be a conscious gardener in our mind.

Thoughts as Seeds

As we watch and welcome thoughts that arise on the Yin mat, we can practice watering seeds and pulling weeds. We can notice: what’s here? With our attention and intention, we can make a choice. Is this a seed I want to water? Or is it a weed? Watching with curiosity and kindness creates just enough space for you to keep strengthening our green thumb… watering seeds and pulling weeds. The mind garden we grow is up to us.

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