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Complimentary Yoga Nidra Script For You

May 3, 2024
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woman lying on the floor on a yoga mat

Did you have a chance to experience the deep relaxation of last week's complimentary Yoga Nidra practice on YouTube? If not, there's still an opportunity to treat yourself to some relaxation and rejuvenation 🕊

The Yoga Nidra meditation script from the session is here for those who wish to share it with their students. Feel free to use it as is or as a source of inspiration for creating your own 🌙

You might consider integrating some of the techniques used within the script into your class arrival time to help your students prepare for their Yoga Nidra experience. The power of relaxation and mindfulness of Yoga Nidra is a gift that keeps on giving. Thank you for spreading tranquility and helping others find moments of peace in their hectic lives 🙏

If you enjoy this script, you may enjoy my new book - The Book of Yoga Nidra Meditation Scripts which has 30 beautiful scripts along with complementary restorative yoga poses, mudras, and mantras to easily enhance your sessions. Available in paperback or e-book on Amazon!

Yoga Nidra Meditation Script: Commune in Serenity with Your Spirit Guide

Script Length: Approx. 40min


Let us prepare now for the practice of Yoga Nidra.

This is a time for total relaxation and the release of all cares and worries.

If a back-lying position feels right for you, try lying in Savasana pose, with the arms at your sides and your legs extended comfortably down the mat.

If another position feels better for you, take your time to find it now.

The position you choose does not matter as long as it gives you the opportunity to let your whole body rest completely on the earth below you.

If a light blanket would feel good, please arrange it over you.

Adjust your body and any props you choose to use so that you feel at rest and supported with no need to move. (long pause)

Allow your breath to flow freely with no effort at all.

You might offer yourself a soft smile in this moment as you lie in comfort and stillness.

In the practice of Yoga Nidra, you need only focus on hearing and your sense of inner perception.

All else can drift from this moment.

The instructions will be shared, and you can listen to them and follow them as you feel led.

If you become distracted at any time, do not worry. Simply return to the instructions.

If you wish to pause the practice for any reason, you may do so.

You design your own experience in Yoga Nidra, the practice of total ease.

Bring a soft yet focused awareness now to the flow of your breath as it enters your body.

Sense how your physical body welcomes the breath by expanding.

Sense how your body releases the breath by relaxing.

Let your attention rest a few moments more enjoying this gentle and harmonious relationship between your body and breath. (long pause)

Connecting with Sankalpa, the Heart’s Intention

If you wish, now is the time to make your Sankalpa, a resolve for your life.

The Sankalpa can be very simple.

Try to discover one naturally.

Sankalpa is a short, positive statement in simple language.

Examples of Sankalpa could be: I am healed. I am loved.  I am at peace. I am safe. I forgive myself. I am the silent witness. I am enough.  I am eternal.

Now is the time to connect with your Sankalpa. (pause)  

Before you say the words, feel a sensation of love fill your lungs, heart, and chest.

Say your Sankalpa three times in your mind with feeling, awareness, and emphasis.

The resolve you make during your yoga Nidra practice is bound to come true in your life.

After three repetitions give thanks, feeling thankful for your Sankalpa being fulfilled. (long pause)

Rotation of Awareness

I’m going to guide your awareness now through the different parts of the body.

As I mention each part, I invite you to touch it mentally with its name and try to visualize it.

Become aware of the right hand. (pause)

Right-hand thumb

Second finger

Third finger

Fourth finger

Fifth finger

Palm of the hand

Back of the hand


Lower arm


Upper arm





Right hip

Right thigh





Top of the right foot

Right toes: one, two, three, four, five

Go to the left hand.

Left-hand thumb

Second finger

Third finger

Fourth finger

Fifth finger

Palm of the hand

Back of the hand


Lower arm


Upper arm





Left hip

Left thigh





Top of the left foot

Left toes: one, two, three, four, five

Go to the top of the head.

Top of the head


Right eyebrow

Left eyebrow

The space between the eyebrows

Right eyelid

Left eyelid

Right eye

Left eye

Right ear

Left ear

Right nostril

Left nostril

Right cheek

Left cheek

Upper lip

Lower lip




Right collarbone

Left collarbone

Right chest

Left chest

Middle of the chest


Upper abdomen

Lower abdomen

Right hip

Left hip

Right thigh

Left thigh

Right kneecap

Left kneecap

Right ankle

Left ankle

Right toes

Left toes

Now go to the backside.

Right toes

Left toes

Right sole

Left sole

Right heel

Left heel

Right ankle

Left ankle

Right calf muscle

Left calf muscle

Back of the right knee

Back of the left knee

Back of the right thigh

Back of the left thigh

Right buttock

Left buttock

Right hip

Left hip

Whole spine

Right shoulder blade

Left shoulder blade

Back of the neck

Back of the head

Top of the head

Now the primary parts of the body.

The entire right leg

The entire left leg

Both legs at once

The entire right arm

The entire left arm

Both arms at once

The entire head

The entire back

The entire front

The entire body

Aware of the entire body at once

The entire body

The entire body

Accentuate your awareness of the entire body. (pause)

Awareness of the Breath

Call your awareness to your natural breath.

Deepen your awareness of your breathing. (pause)

Continue your awareness of the breath and bring your attention to your eyebrow center.

Imagine that you are breathing through your eyebrow center, that your breath is moving in and out from the eyebrow center.

Continue with this awareness of the breath, as it comes in and goes out from the eyebrow center, and start counting your breaths backward from 54 to 1, like this:

I am breathing in 54; I am breathing out 54.

I am breathing in 53; I am breathing out 53.

I am breathing in 52; I am breathing out 52, and so on.

Continue breathing through the eyebrow center and be sure that you are aware of counting.

If you reach 0, start again at 54. If you lose track, it’s OK, go back to 54 and start again. (pause 1-3min)

Please stop counting now. (pause)

Greeting Feelings & Opposites

You might now bring your awareness to Chidakasha, the deep quiet space in the front of your forehead. (pause)

Find this deep and dark space in the front of your forehead.

Observe this vast dark space with greater and greater attention.

See into the deep darkness.

See vast darkness, only darkness.

Far away in the distance now, observe a tiny bright light shining.

A tiny bright light shining in the distance.

Move slowly in your mind toward this light.

Watch as it grows bigger and bigger.

Sense the light getting brighter and brighter.

See the light replacing the darkness.

Watch the light grow and grow, beginning to overcome all darkness.

Watch until there is only bright light.

Experience how the whole of the inner space beams with bright light.

Now turn your attention away from the light.

Allow the light to go for now.

Take your attention to the sensation of coldness.

Like holding a large block of ice in your hands.

The specific sensation of wet, cold ice in your hands.

Feel your hands begin to feel numb as you hold the ice.

Feel your body react to the coldness by shivering.

Stay with the icy shivering cold a moment longer.

Now put the block of ice down and let the feeling of cold fade away.

Now take your mind to the feeling of heat.

Feel for a moment the sensation of heat in your hands.

As you observe this sensation, notice it begin to expand into your whole body.

Warm like the rays of the life-giving sun shining onto your whole body.

Warm within you, warm around you.

Invite the sensation of warmth to comfort you completely. (pause)

Let the feeling of heat fade away now.

Symbols & Visualization

See yourself standing on the bank of a broad river flowing.

The river moves lazily forward as a light breeze plays across the skin of your face and arms.

Above you, the sun peeks playfully from behind a large puff of cloud centered in the bright, blue sky.

The tree line behind you is lively with bird song and squirrels scampering to and fro.

The forest reflection of the riverbank shimmers in peaceful ripples on the surface of the river.

The soft scent of pine needles infuses the forest air, and you breathe it happily with a deep contentment.

Before you awaits a beautifully crafted wooden raft dipping lightly as gentle waves play across the surface of the river.

It is sturdy, made of ancient logs and branches. Wildflower blossoms smile at you from its seams.

You feel called to the raft, climb aboard, and then push off from the shore.

The raft drifts quietly through dappled sunlight along the river’s surface.

The sweet chirpings of birds follow you as you flow.

Your heart is filled with astonishment at the simple, persisting beauty of the earth.

You are so lovely, you say in your mind to mother nature.

On the raft, you travel a great distance along the river, though it seems no time has passed.

Like a dream, like a wish, timeless, you go where the river flows, traveling with ease around its wide bends and soft turns.

You let your fingers trail lightly along the river’s surface.

Feel your fingertips trace the space where water and air meet.

Let any cares and worries you may have brought on this journey go as you flow.

The river can hold them all. (pause)

Slowing now, the raft steers itself to the right and settles against the riverbank.

Refreshed from your relaxing travel, you feel invited to disembark the raft and explore the woodland before you.

There is a winding dirt path just in front of you.

You start toward it and the gentle wind shakes the sunshine across the countless leaves.

As you travel the footpath, you hear the sound of OM in the distance.


Intrigued, you continue toward the sound.

Winding deeper and deeper into the wood, you feel the air cooling on your skin as the evening bends the golden sunlight toward dusk.

Continue to follow the sound of OM.

The path curves now to the right. Follow it.

Soon, you see a small house.  

A small, old house made of stone.

Smoke is coming from the chimney on the small stone home.

Walk toward the stone house.  

The door has been left open for you.

Go to the door and look inside.  

See the fireplace, the roaring fire.

See a large room with a fireplace at one end.  

Feel the air warm in the glowing light of the fire.

Go inside.

There is a large crimson rug on the floor, a large soft crimson rug.

Looking around the room, you spot a friendly companion here in the stone house with you.

You recognize this companion as your spirit guide.

This spirit guide might be in the form of a person, a person from any time or place.

Or your spirit guide might be an animal, or maybe a spirit with an even less defined shape.

See clearly now your spirit guide.

Walk to the rug and sit down.

Your spirit guide follows you to the rug, sitting beside you.

Is there something you would like to hear from your spirit guide? Some knowledge you would like for it to share with you? (pause)

Your spirit guide brought you here.

You have come here to receive something of special meaning.

What can your spirit guide give you right now?  (pause)

Sit quietly beside your spirit guide, in the firelight, surrounded by warmth and welcome.

Spend a few moments now communing with your spirit guide.

Listen for what you have come here to receive. (long pause)

Your spirit guide rises now to leave the stone house and return to the forest.

Resting In Joy & Reaffirming the Heart's Intention

You lie down on the crimson rug in front of the warm firelight.  

You have walked a long way to come here, and you feel quiet and content.

Feel the soft, cozy comfort of the rug.

Sense absolute ease and complete relaxation filling you.

Arising within you, hear the soothing, subtle sound of OM.

The sound of OM…the sound of OM…OM echoing gently through you.

OM, the sound of all that is, OM.

Ripples of this sound moving outward into infinity. OM… (pause)

Remember now your resolve, remember your Sankalpa.

Repeat your Sankalpa in your mind with awareness and with absolute faith.

Say it inwardly with courage and confidence, knowing you have all that you need within you.

Please say your Sankalpa, repeat it three times. (long pause)

After these three repetitions, give thanks.

Rest now in the deep stillness of Yoga Nidra, the sleep that awakens the soul.

(pause 3-6min)

Returning & Reflection

Become aware of your physical body deeply relaxed and at ease supported on the floor. (pause)

Expand your awareness into your entire body.

Feel your entire body all at once.

Bring your awareness to your breath, the natural quiet breath that goes in and out of your body.

Maintain awareness of your breath and feel it growing stronger and steadier. (pause)

Take a slow, conscious, deep breath in… and let it go completely.

Let your mind become external now.

See in your mind’s eye the surrounding room.

Begin to make small movements in your body.

Slowly move your fingers and wiggle your toes.

Gently move your arms and legs in a way that feels good. (pause)

Take a few deep breaths and stretch yourself thoroughly with your arms above your head.

Please take your time, there is no hurry. (pause)

When you are ready, gently sit up.

Bring your hands to your heart center.

Perhaps you hear one more time the sound of OM as it arises within you and ripples outward connecting you to all that is and all that is to you. (pause)

Here we complete this practice of Yoga Nidra.

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