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A Complimentary Audio Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation and Bliss

May 17, 2023
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Yoga Nidra is the ancient art and science of deep relaxation and manifestation.

The practice of Yoga Nidra helps us to transform stress into relaxation, exhaustion into energy, fear into confidence, and sorrow and despair into hope. Freed from the burden of tensions, regularly practicing Yoga Nidra refreshes, restores and nourishes body, mind, and spirit. Yoga Nidra meditation can help us awaken to self-limiting thoughts, unhelpful habits, long-held fears, and negative emotions – and by freeing us from these Samskaras, empowers us to release the deep obstacles and energy blockages that can prevent us from living the life we desire and deserve.

In this Yoga Nidra practice session, The Healing Lake of Harmony & Bliss, you’ll be invited on a guided journey into the inner space of deep relaxation, calm, and tranquility. Resting in peaceful awareness, that still inner space of the spirit, you can allow yourself to relax deeply, entirely at ease.

Here are a few guidelines as a support for your Yoga Nidra practice session:

Find a warm, quiet place where you can practice uninterrupted for 30 minutes or so. Grab a pillow, a blanket or two, and an eye pillow/scarf if you’d also like to cover your eyes. Use these items to create a soft cozy nest for yourself and get as comfortable as possible. You can choose to lie down on your back, side, or belly on your bed, floor, or mat. You might even decide to sit in a chair if that feels best for you. If possible, draw the curtains and dim the lights to help further release external distractions.

As you practice, be effortless and allow your experience to unfold naturally. It’s may happen that you'll fall asleep for a portion of the practice. If so, it’s okay! Sleeping is your body’s natural wisdom, adapting the practice to your needs.

If something happens that feels uncomfortable for you at any time during the practice, see if you can give the discomfort your open attention and some space to change. You may find that the discomfort resolves itself. If it persists, you can always choose to end the practice or take a break at any time. Remember you are in charge of your practice experience. All that is presented to you here is offered in the spirit of suggestion and invitation; you are the decision-maker.

Practitioner’s Tip: For those days when you might not have time for the full 30-minute session, you could approach the practice in sections. Set your timer for 10-15minutes, for example, and pick just one or two parts to do.

You may use this Yoga Nidra session as many times as you need it. Just like any other skill, relaxation takes training. The more we practice, the easier it becomes and the deeper the benefits we experience. I hope you’ll give yourself all the permission you need to take this time for yourself to simply receive and enjoy the sweet bliss of rest and nourishment you deserve! ✨

Complimentary Yoga Nidra with Sagel
Enjoy your complimentary Yoga Nidra session HERE!

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