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A Five Minute Yin Yoga Reset

May 17, 2023
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Yin Yoga Mini practice five minutes

Likely we all know what it feels like to really want and need to practice, but before we know it, things get in the way, the day is over, and we’re out of time. In times when there’s too much yang, it’s safe to say we need more yin.

Unfortunately, if we keep adding more yang, we just keep pouring gas on the fire and it burns brighter and hotter and can lead to burn out.  I’ve experienced in my life that if we delay bringing balance, the universe has a way of conspiring on our behalf to restore balance for us. The good news is that we can be aware and consciously take actions to support our wellbeing.  The Yin Yoga practice is more about consistency than diversity of poses, so if you don’t have time for a full practice, don’t worry, doing one pose mindfully and effectively is better than none at all.

Just like anything worthwhile, Yin Yoga will bring you the deepest, longest lasting benefits when practiced with diligence and consistency over time. So if it’s not possible to fit-in an entire class today, it’s OK. Just know you always deserve to enjoy the relief of re-balance and that with even this 5-Minute Reset, you can help yourself experience that difference.

A Five-Minute Reset Practice for You

Notice the area of your body that is most in need of nurturing. Is it your hips, legs, back, or shoulders?

Pick one pose which focuses on that part of your body. If helpful, you can look to any of my free online classes for pose ideas.

Take a few moments to sit quietly as you take three intentional deep breaths in and out through the nose.

Give yourself permission to enjoy these five minutes of self-care.

Stating a mantra of intention can help, here’s one suggestion:

The more consistently I take care of myself, the more joyfully I can take care of all those who count on me.

Begin to feel your way into the pose to a place of mild yet noticeable sensation.

Set your timer for four minutes.

Try to let go of all else for just this time. Don’t worry, all will be waiting for your return when you’re done.

Feel the relief that can come from focusing solely on your body and breath.

Let all tension drain from your body as you breathe.

Feel each exhale helping to release any tightness or holding.

Each time you breathe out, feel yourself whole-self relaxing more and more.

When the timer rings, set it for a minute.

Slowly transition out of the pose to lay on your back or sit quietly allowing your tissues time to rest and recover.

A minute later, arise and notice, how are you feeling?

I hope this helps you feel more refreshed and is an easy way for you to add a little more yin to your yang whenever you need it. You deserve it and know that caring for yourself is a gift you give to all those around you.

Five-Minute Yin Yoga Reset

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